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Looking for a new television?

With so many TV choices available in the market, you have more factors than ever before to consider and it's important to buy the right model to suit your needs.

What type of TV is best for you?
There are 3 main kinds of TV you can purchase.

The first is the Plasma. A plasma TV uses a thin layer of gas between 2 plates pumped with electricity to create a picture. Plasma TV's can be thin, down to about 6' wide, and generally come in screen sizes over 32'. They do have some drawbacks though as they tend to show more glare from other light sources due to the glass panels and also tend to consume more power than a LCD or LED TV.

An LCD TV uses white light with special filters to produce a picture. LCD TV's can be produced in screen sizes up to around 70' and are generally less than 5' thick. This means you can mount the TV on a wall or cabinet and it will take up little space.

LED LCD Televisions are the most recent addition to the mix. Using light-emitting diodes instead of a tube to produce the backlight, these televisions offer much higher picture quality than LCD TV's. They also consume less electricity; can be made thinner and lighter and product less heat. They are also more environmentally friendly to dispose of. These features come with an increased price tag, but price aside, an LED LCD television is the best choice for high quality viewing.

What size tv do you need?
There’s a common misconception that bigger is better….
Know the size of your room and how much space you have available, but also know what the best size for optimum viewing is. If you sit too close you take the risk of noticing scan lines or pixels, but sit too far away and you begin to lose out on picture details and the immersive feel of a wide screen tv. It is recommended that you can sit anywhere between 1.5 and 3 times your HDTV screen size away from the screen for the best viewing experience. So for a viewing distance of 2.5 metres you would want an LCD that is at least 32 inches, but not more than 63inches. If your viewing distance 3.5 metres you would want a screen size with a minimum of 46 inches and a maximum of 96 inches for the best viewing experience.

TV Features - Freeview
You should be aware that television broadcasts in New Zealand are moving over to Freeview and that the UHF & VHF signals will be turned off in the near future. This means that you will need to have either a Freeview tuner box or a tuner built in to your TV. Most models of TV can now be purchased with a Freeview tuner built in. In most cases this is a 'terrestrial' tuner so it will only work if you have UHF coverage (about 75% of the country) and you will not be able to record or pause live TV with it. We'd recommend purchasing a TV without a built in tuner and purchasing a MyFreeview recorder to get these features.

TV Features – High Definition
Another important point to consider is the emergence of high definition. Modern LCD, LED or Plasma TVs come in 3 types: Standard, High Definition Ready and High Definition Capable. To view high definition TV you'll need a HD Freeview or HD Sky tuner and a compatible TV. Full High Definition TVs can support a 'resolution' of 1080p while HD Ready systems usually support the slightly lower 1080i resolution. Regardless of what brand you choose it is important to buy a TV that suits your usage and accessories