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Looking for a new washing machine?

A washing machine is a major appliance purchase and is likely to be an integral part of your household. It’s important to choose one that meets your specific needs. Research your choices in order to ensure you get what you need and can afford. 

Things to Consider:

The larger the capacity of the machine the more clothes you can wash effectively in one wash cycle. In general, for small households of 2 or 3 people with less than 2 loads of washing daily, a machine with a standard 5 – 7kg capacity should suffice. Bigger families should consider a larger machine. Keep in mind what the future size of your family will be before making your purchase decision.

Washing Habits
You will need a larger machine if you don’t wash your clothes on a daily basis but only once or twice a week.  Larger capacity machines also make washing larger items, such as bedding, easier.

Wash programmes vary across different machines, and it’s important to ensure you choose a machine that incorporates the programmes you require. More options does not always signify a better machine – choose one with cycles you will use!

Top Load or Front Load
Top Load machines do not require the user to bend down so far to load and unload as a Front Loader, an important consideration for users with back, hip or knee problems. Many Front Load models allow the user to stack a dryer on top, or use the top as a bench or storage space, something that cannot be done on a Top Loader. This makes the Front Loader a good option for people with space restrictions. Front Loading machines can save on energy, both through requiring less water and improved spin cycles that reduce drying time. Top Load washers, on the other hand, can be stopped mid-cycle and used to soak, bleach or dye clothes in ways that Front Load machines cannot. 

Measure the space available in your home for the machine before selecting the model. Choose a spot that is near a tap and a drainage area, if you don’t have a dedicated laundry in your home.

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