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Looking for a new Vacuum Cleaner?

To make the best possible decision in selecting a vacuum cleaner suited to YOUR household requirements, we recommend that you spend some time considering the following questions:

How big is my house and how often do I vacuum?
Check out small, medium and large size vacuums— size does matter.

Do I prefer a bagged or bagless vacuum for the main household clean?
Bagged are considered more hygienic and a bag acts as another filter. Bagless do not require bags and are considered more convenient.

Do I prefer an upright, or a barrel style vacuum?
Uprights have a push action and are great for large areas, especially carpet if a roller brush style. Barrels have a pull action and are more manoeuvrable around furniture.

Do I have stairs?
Smaller vacuums, stick vacs and handhelds are ideal for stairs.

Is noise an issue?
Ask to turn on the vacuum in-store—listen to the tone and volume.

Are there asthma or allergy sufferers in the house?
You need a REAL HEPA filter to trap dust mites and particles to 0.3 microns.

Is pet or human hair a problem?
An air-driven turbo nozzle or power nozzle will collect hair just like a “hair brush”.

Is my flooring a carpet and hard surface mix, or mainly hardwood?
Look for combination nozzles (common to most barrel vacuums) or a parquet/hardwood floor tool.

Would a convenient “grab and go” stick vac be useful?
YES – Easy to use and  ideal for those cleaning moments when you don’t need to vacuum the whole house.

Some handy tips:

DO read the user manual carefully as this will familiarise you with the appliance’s unique features, any maintenance requirements and what is and isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

DO maintain/replace filters as necessary - these not only trap particles, dust mites in the case of HEPA filtration, but keep the integrity of the airflow which in turn helps protect the vacuum’s motor

DO try out the display unit in-store to check suitability of cord and wand lengths, noise level and weight

ALSO check out the design of the floor tool to see suitable for your needs

ASK the friendly and knowledgeable Betta Electrical Staff for further information or telephone the supplier’s customer care line

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