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Looking for a new dishwasher?

It is important to pay attention to details when purchasing a dishwasher to get the maximum in performance and energy conservation. A dishwasher is one of the most important appliances in a medium sized household, and buying a new dishwasher is not as easy as simply selecting the cheapest one that can do the task. There are many factors that need to be considered before choosing a dishwasher.

Things to Consider:

Choose a dishwasher that is the right size for your household needs. An average family of 3 – 5 people will be suited to a standard 12 – 14 place setting dishwasher. Most  dishwashers now have fold-down tines and adjustable racks, for differently-shaped serving pieces.

Wash Cycles
Most dishwashers have standard cycles including light, normal, and heavy (for pots and pans). Some dishwashers have a rinse and hold setting to delay washing until the load is full. Consider having a dishwasher that has multiple wash cycles so you can choose the cleaning level according to the dirt on the dishes. Check if there is an energy-saving or light cycle setting. Such a setting saves you money by operating in less time and consuming less water. A normal cycle in a dishwasher can take between 80 and 150 mins.

Energy Guide
Check the Energy Guide stickers to know more about the power and water consumption of the dishwasher model. A regular dishwasher can consume between 14 – 45 litres of water per load. Always select an energy and water efficient model.

Dirt Sensors
Most dishwasher models have dirt sensors to adjust the water consumption to the level of dirt of the dishes.

Check the noise ratings of the dishwater. You may be able to get a good-functioning dishwasher for a low price but the noise may be one of its disadvantages.

Dishwashers come in a number of finishes including white, black, and stainless steel. Another option is an integrated model, in which the dishwasher is fitted with a customised front panel, allowing to blend in with the kitchen cabinetry.

A clogged filter degrades the dishwasher's performance. Filters can be easily cleaned by taking out and rinsing thoroughly in warm water.

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