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Looking for a new cooktop?

There are generally more appliances in the kitchen than in any other room in the home… so to make sure you’re choosing the right appliances for your home, here’s some advice on choosing the best hob, or cooktop for your needs.

 There are three basic types of cooktops, Gas, Ceramic & Induction. Cooktops come in a range of sizes, starting at 30 cm (usually single or 2 burner), 60cm (this is the most common and usually 4 burner), and 90cm (usually 6 burner, or 4 plus a skillet). The more burners you use the larger the cooktop you will need.

Gas Cooktops
Gas is very popular due to the very quick temperature change. A useful feature of gas is that you can get a visual of the flame size when setting the heat. Gas elements can be used with all types of cookware, and many gas cooktops feature a wok burner, a larger sized element perfect for using with a wok to make stir-fries and cooking at higher temperatures. If selecting a gas cooktop, you will need a gas hook-up; not all homes have access to natural gas and in some cases bottled or LPG gas can be used.

Ceramic Cooktops
Ceramic cooktops are great for when gas is not available to the home and for easy cleaning, they can be used with all types of cookware. Ceramic hobs are made of a very hard and durable glass (usually black) and the coils glow red when working. They generally have either knob controls or electronic touch pads. Ceramic cooktops take longer to heat up and  retain the heat on the surface for a while once it is switched off (great for keeping things warm once cooking is finished).

Induction Cooktops
Induction Cooking is the newest technology for cooktops and works on magnetic coils that radiate with the cookware to create heat. Induction cooktops are extremely efficient; they use less energy than a traditional electric hob, and heat up faster than gas! Induction's surfaces are easy to clean and as the surfaces rarely get unexpectedly hot spills rarely occur and burn on. Not all cookware works with Induction cooktops - A good test is to use a magnet, and if it sticks to the bottom of the pan then it will work with induction.

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